CV Preparation Instructions for Faculty

Curriculum Vitae (updated through Dec. 2016)

  • Faculty members prepare CVs using a format consistent with colleagues in their discipline. Please use a word processing program approved by your department.
    Files should be named using the prefix “CV_” and the faculty member’s last name in small case letters (Examples: P.C. Tai = CV_tai.pdf; George Rainbolt = CV_rainbolt.pdf). If there are two members of the department with the same last name, please add a hyphen and the first letter of the first name (Yuan Liu = CV_liu-y.pdf; Zhi-Ren Liu = CV_liu-z.pdf).
  • Please turn in CVs to your department staff coordinator by January 20, 2017 (TBA). Department chairs will review and approve CVs before they are forwarded to the Dean’s Office.

Reporting Questions

If you have questions about how to submit your CV or how to enter your information into Digital Measures, you may ask your department reporting coordinator, or you can send an e-mail to the faculty reporting e-mail address,

DigitalMeasures Guide

The college's DigitalMeasures Guide provides a general overview of the system with screenshots of the major sections and features.