Past Award Recipients

Outstanding Senior Faculty Award: Randy Malamud, English
Outstanding Junior Faculty Award: Zhipeng Cai, Computer Science
Outstanding Teaching Award: S. Rashid Naim, Political Science
Outstanding Faculty Diversity Award: G. Davon Kennedy, Chemistry
Outstanding Undergraduate Mentoring Award: Paul Ulrich, Biology
Outstanding Graduate Mentoring Award: Daniel N. Cox, Neuroscience
Outstanding Undergraduate Director Award: Brian Thoms, Physics & Astronomy
Outstanding Graduate Director Award: Sarah Allen Gershon, Political Science

Outstanding Senior Faculty Award: Lindsey Cohen, Psychology
Outstanding Junior Faculty Award: Nicola Sharratt, Anthropology
Outstanding Teaching Award: Carmen Eilertson, Biology
Outstanding Faculty Diversity Award: Kyle Frantz, Neuroscience and Biology
Outstanding Undergraduate Mentoring Award: Christy Visaggi, Geosciences
Outstanding Graduate Mentoring Award: Sarah Brosnan, Psychology and Philosophy
Outstanding Undergraduate Director Award: Cassandra White, Anthropology
Outstanding Graduate Director Award: Tim O’Keefe, Philosophy

Outstanding Senior Faculty Award: Ritu Aneja, Biology
Outstanding Junior Faculty Award: YouJin Kim, Applied Linguistics & ESL
Outstanding Teaching Award: Deanna Joseph, School of Music
Outstanding Faculty Diversity Award: Ciara Smalls-Glover, Psychology

Outstanding Senior Faculty Award: Aimin Liu, Chemistry
Outstanding Junior Faculty Award: Misty Bentz, Physics & Astronomy
Outstanding Teaching Award: Kim Darnell, Psychology

Outstanding Senior Faculty Award: Paul Katz, Neuroscience
Outstanding Junior Faculty Award: Donald Hamelberg, Chemistry
Outstanding Teaching Award: Eric Friginal, Applied Linguistics & English as a Second Language
Outstanding Faculty Diversity Award: Henry (Chip) Carey, Political Science

Outstanding Senior Faculty Award: Mary Stuckey, Communication
Outstanding Junior Faculty Award: Sarah Brosnan, Psychology
Outstanding Teaching Award: Christopher Goode, Psychology

Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award: Rose Sevcik, Psychology
Outstanding Junior Faculty Award: Daniel Deocampo, Geosciences
Outstanding Teaching Award: Hubert Stanley (Stan) Anderson, Art & Design

Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award: Jennifer McCoy, Political Science
Outstanding Junior Faculty Award: Adia Harvey Wingfield, Sociology
Outstanding Teaching Award: Mindy Stombler, Sociology

Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award: Unil Perera, Physics & Astronomy
Outstanding Teaching Award: Andrew Altman, Philosophy
Outstanding Junior Faculty Award: Amira Jarmakani, Women’s Studies

Outstanding Junior Faculty Award: Laura Carruth, Biology
Outstanding Teaching Award: Beth Burmester, English
Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award: Zhen Huang, Chemistry

Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award: Binghe Wang, Chemistry
Outstanding Teaching Award: W. Dwight Coleman, Music
Outstanding Junior Faculty Award: Kyle Frantz, Biology

Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award: Timothy J. Bartness, Biology
Outstanding Teaching Award: Kathryn McClymond, Religious Studies
Outstanding Junior Faculty Award: Krystyn R. Moon, History

Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award: Douglas R. Gies, Physics & Astronomy
Outstanding Teaching Award: Peter M. Lindsay, Political Science
Outstanding Junior Faculty Award: Michael Smith, Political Science

Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award: David Myers, Music
Outstanding Teaching Award: Wayne Erickson, English
Outstanding Junior Faculty: John Kantner, Anthropology & Geography