The College of Arts and Sciences is home to more than 300 staff members. This section of the website provides access to information about staff policies, organizations, news, upcoming events and deadlines, and much more.

Staff Awards

Arts and Sciences staff members are eligible for a wide variety of staff awards both at the college and the university level.

College Committees

Staff members serve on college committees that govern areas such as professional development and mentoring and morale.

University Organizations

Staff members play an important role in university governance through the Staff Council and University Senate.

Staff Development

Staff members have many opportunities to advance their professional skills and continue their formal education, many at no charge.

Professional Networks

Arts and Sciences has a variety of formal and informal groups where staff with similar jobs come together to share information and solve problems.

Staff Recognition Endowment

Support our staff by giving to the college’s Staff Recognition Endowment, which funds annual staff awards and community-building activities.
  • Equitable Place closed until July 2016Georgia State University will be shutting down Equitable Place (the road between 25 Park Place and the 25 Park Place Annex/Bell Building) between Auburn Avenue and Edgewood Avenue starting Friday, November 13th though the end of July, 2016. This shutdown is to accommodate the five major construction projects happening on the 25 Park Place block.… more »
  • T Parking Deck Closed for RenovationsBeginning Monday, May 11, 2015, until further notice, students, faculty, and staff will be unable to park in T-Deck, unless otherwise authorized, due to upcoming renovations. Parking Services will begin a T-Deck renovation project to improve traffic flow and structural support for the long-term life cycle of the deck. The renovation will impact T-Deck parking… more »