Strategic Planning 2017


The College of Arts and Sciences launched a comprehensive strategic planning process in January 2017, led by Dean Sara Rosen. The college’s current plan is set to expire at the end of AY 2016-17.

This inclusive process features five working groups aligned with the five main goals of the university’s strategic plan:

  1. Undergraduate: Become a national model for undergraduate education by demonstrating that students from all backgrounds can achieve academic and career success at high rates
  2. Graduate: Significantly strengthen and grow the base of distinctive graduate and professional programs to assure development of the next generation of researchers and societal leaders
  3. Research: Become a leading public research university addressing the most challenging issues of the 21st century
  4. Cities: Be a leader in understanding the complex challenges of cities and developing effective solutions
  5. Global: Achieve distinction in globalizing the university

Each working group is charged with developing recommendations for how the college will contribute to each broad goal through specific initiatives and explicit action steps. Diversity is a central guiding principle across every goal and is reflected in the membership of the working groups.

Throughout the planning process, the college will use this site as both a message and sounding board, posting important planning materials for members of the college to review and respond to. The initial draft of the plan will be posted here by the beginning of fall 2017 for review and comment. Once vetted and adopted by the full faculty, the final plan will guide the college for the next five years. It will be your plan. Your participation is critical to our success!