Equitable Place closed until July 2016

Posted On November 12, 2015
Categories 25 Park Place

Georgia State University will be shutting down Equitable Place (the road between 25 Park Place and the 25 Park Place Annex/Bell Building) between Auburn Avenue and Edgewood Avenue starting Friday, November 13th though the end of July, 2016. This shutdown is to accommodate the five major construction projects happening on the 25 Park Place block.

The university will maintain access to the 25 Park Place loading dock and to the 25 Park Place Annex for deliveries and will be hiring a construction zone/delivery manager to coordinate delivery access to the area. This shutdown will affect pedestrian traffic, through traffic, and anyone that accesses the 25 Park Place Annex/58 Edgewood via the entrance on Equitable Place.

For the people working in 25 Park Place Annex/58 Edgewood, the university will maintain pedestrian access to the elevator lobby on the ground floor (parking level) until the contractor has developed the Edgewood Avenue entrance on the MB level and then all building access will be via the Edgewood Avenue entrance/exit.  Please contact Keith Martin at 404-413-0801, keithmartin@gsu.edu if you have any questions, or concerns about this closure.