25PP Building Contacts

Department/Office Contacts:

Department Main Office Building Contact(s)
Creative Media Industries Institute 2nd Floor; 404-413-5649 David Cheshier, Clark Duncan
CAS College Event Center 2nd Floor; 404-413-5103 Torrez Wilson
University Advisement Center 4th-5th floors; 404-413-2630 Carol Cohen, Andria Reddick
CAS Academic Assistance Office 3rd Floor; 404-413-5000 Shelly-Ann Williams
CAS Graduate Services Office 3rd Floor; 404-413- Amber Amari
CAS Scheduling and Curriculum Office 3rd Floor; 404-413- Jessamy Bleth, Tia Williams
Department of Physics and Astronomy 6th Floor; 404-413-4033 Wei-Chun JaoKeneta Brooks
Department of Computer Science 7th Floor; 404-413-5700 Adrienne Martin
Department of Communication 8th Floor; 404-413-5600 Tawanna Tookes
COTA School of Film, Media, and Theatre 10th Floor; 404-413-5171 Greg Smith
Department of Mathematics and Statistics 13-14th Floors; 404-413-6400 Sandra Ahuama-Jonas
Department of Applied Linguistics
and ESL
15th Floor; 404-413-5200 Susan Coleman
Department of Philosophy 16th floor; 404-413-6100 Claire Kooy, Lauren Cooper
CAS Public Relations 17th Floor; 404-413-5047 Ann Claycombe, Tiffany Carter
CAS Technology Services 17th Floor; 404-413-5055 Tu Tran
Department of Religious Studies 17th floor; 404-413-6110 Felicia Thomas
Global Studies Institute 18th Floor Shamieca L Shine
World Languages and Cultures 19th Floor Tim Jansa
Department of History 20th floor; 404-413-6385 Robin Jackson, Carolyn Whiters
Department of English 23rd Floor; 404-413-5800 Chris Burton, Heather Russel
Institute for Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 22nd Floor; 404-413-6587 Andrew Reisinger
CAS Dean’s Office 25th Floor; 404-413-5114 Esther Prince, John Medlock
CAS Admin Services,
Faculty Review, Meeting Center
26th Floor; 404-413-5023 Cynthia Cain, Fred Mote

25PP Building Support Contacts:

Building Administrator (A&S Facilities) Walter Koch
Police Lt. Kristal Perkins
Facilities Building Services Patti Stilson
Facilities Maintenance and Operations Abdul Momen
Parking Michael W. Sproston
Emergency Management Keith Sumas
Digital Signage Randy Trammell