Annual Reporting Instructions for Faculty

Digital Measures Online Activity Reporting

The Digital Measures system is the university’s primary mechanism of faculty annual reporting. You can log in to Digital Measures using your campus ID and password.

What does Digital Measures do?

  • Digital Measures provides a single place for you to keep current information about all of your professional accomplishments.
  • The system enables you to record your annual activity throughout the year, reducing the need for chairs and the college to make solicitations for reports for accrediting agencies, the University System, news media, and various university offices.
  • A relatively new feature enables faculty to import publication citations from a BibTeX file. (See for more info.)
  • Digital Measures produces customized reports including a personalized annual report and CV. It also can produce broader, college-wide summary reports pulling data from across multiple years.
  • Digital Measures info is also used to populate a publicly accessible faculty info dashboard (visit

How do I manage my profile in Digital Measures?

Essentially, Digital Measures breaks down faculty information into four categories: General Information, Teaching, Scholarship/Research, and Service. Your primary responsibility will be entering information in the Scholarship/Research and Service sections.

Many (but not all) of the fields in General Information and Teaching will be pre-populated from university data sources, including information that is derived from HR (ADP) and student administration systems (Banner). Some of this data you will be able to edit, while some is “read only.”

How much should I report?

You currently are only responsible for reporting activities from the past calendar year–but you need to review information from previous years as well. You may see that some (but not all) of your older information is already in the system. You may correct any inaccurate information or contact the college if you identify significant errors in the data.


You should have all of your 2017 information entered into Digital Measures by February 2, 2018. Chairs and department coordinators will review info and may request adjustments if necessary before sending report to the college.

Reporting Questions

If you have questions about how to submit your CV or how to enter your information into Digital Measures, you may ask your department reporting coordinator, or you can send an e-mail to the Faculty Review Services coordinator at [email protected].

DigitalMeasures Guide

The college's DigitalMeasures Guide provides a general overview of the system with screenshots of the major sections and features. Questions about using Digital Measures can be sent to John Medlock, the college DM administrator.