Course Scheduling

The mission of the Scheduling Services unit is two-fold: 1) to ensure that the most accurate class schedule is posted to the university website in order for students to successfully register for classes; 2) to achieve 100% classroom placement of classes the academic units have selected to teach each term to maximize the opportunities for student learning while adhering to curriculum inventory guidelines established by the Board of Regents (BOR).

  • Courses requsting university space that do not meet during the days and times listed on the University Clock Schedule are considered clock exceptions.
  • Before a clock exception can be granted, a justification indicating the reason the course cannot meet on the University Clock Schedule must be approved by the chair or director and submitted to the Office of Course Scheduling.
  • Please allow five to seven business days for a decision.

  • Active courses that are listed on the schedule with days and times are automatically included in the evaluation process. If you have active courses listed with days and times that should not be evaluated the CRNs must be submitted.
  • Courses that are listed on the schedule as "To Be Announced" (TBA) are not automatically included in the evaluation process. This includes internships, study abroad, and Thesis and Dissertation courses. If you would like these courses evaluated the CRNs must also be submitted.

  • Room Release: If instructors are not planning to use their assigned room to conduct a final exam during final exam week, please notify your scheduler. This information is very important to the Office of Course Scheduling, which uses it to resolve room conflicts.
  • Hybrid Courses: Hybrid courses are courses that meet at least 50 percent in class. If there is a day and a time that corresponds with the course on the Final Exam Schedule, these courses will follow that schedule. Hybrid courses that do not have a day and/or time listed on the Final Exam Schedule will follow the Off-Clock Final Exam schedule that is distributed via e-mail from the Office of the Registrar.
  • Off-Clock Final Exams: Like hybrid courses, these courses will follow the Off-Clock Final Exam schedule that is distributed by e-mail from the Office of the Registrar.

  • Grade submission begins on the first day of finals each term.
  • Missing Grades: Grades are considered missing if they have not been entered before the grad submission deadline and can be found on the "Missing Grade Report-BREPTS" in Infoview.
  • Not Reported (NR) Grades are grades that were not submitted by the deadline and the grade was automatically assigned "NR." These can be found on the NR Grades from Past Terms-BREPT" in Infoview.
  • Learn how to submit your grades and request grade changes at the Registrar Office's Grading for Faculty page.

Non-reported grades cause many issues that keep students from progressing.

  • Students cannot register for courses that have a prerequisite.
  • Students' financial aid eligibility and progress cannot be determined for the upcoming semester.
  • Students cannot report accurate academic standing and could be restricted in their continuous enrollment and for outside scholarships.
  • Students' academic records and transcripts will not be updated and they may not be able to transfer or receive additional funding from an employer.
  • Candidates for graduation my not have their degrees conferred and may not be eligible to continue their education, gain employment or become certified in their field.

  • When staffing co-taught courses with multiple instructors for the same session, the Percent Responsibility must total 100.
  • When staffing courses with multiple sessions, i.e. with breakouts or labs, be sure you indicate the correct session on SIAASGN. The Percent Responsibility must total 100 for the entire section.
  • There is only one primary instructor per course. This instructor will be the only one able to enter grades during grade submission.
  • If there are multiple instructors assigned to a course, and a staffing change is needed for the primary instructor, you will have to remove all of the instructors before you can remove the primary instructor.

The Office of Course Scheuling (OCS) processes requests for space for academic events through their online reservation system. If you are requesting space for a scheduled course or during final exams week, please contact your College Scheduler once the request has been submitted. OCS will normally contact the College Scheduler for approval for these requests.
The College of Arts and Sciences provides its units with tools and guidelines for monitoring course enrollment and submitting various types of curriculum updates at