CV Preparation Instructions for Chairs & Staff

Curriculum Vita (updated through Dec. 2017)

  • Faculty members prepare CVs using a format consistent with colleagues in their discipline.
  • When CVs are completed and turned in, chairs should ensure that they meet their approval.
  • Once reports have been approved, convert them to Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF).
  • CV files should be named using the following convention: [DEPT]_[Last Name]-[First Name Initial]_CV_2017 (example: GEOS_Smith-J_CV_2017; BIO_Jones-K_CV_2017).
  • Designated departmental coordinators will upload CVs (along with faculty annual reports and teaching portfolios) to the Office of the Dean SharePoint site on or before February 9, 2018 (one week after system entries should be finalized by faculty).
  • Any questions or concerns can be sent to the Faculty Review Services coordinator at [email protected].

Reporting Questions

If you have questions about how to submit your CV or how to enter your information into Digital Measures, you may ask your department reporting coordinator, or you can send an e-mail to the Faculty Review Services coordinator at [email protected].

DigitalMeasures Guide

The college's DigitalMeasures Guide provides a general overview of the system with screenshots of the major sections and features. Questions about using Digital Measures can be sent to John Medlock, the college DM administrator.