External Grant Proposals

External Grant Proposals are projects where Georgia State University Research Foundation or Georgia State University is the applicant submitting a proposal as the Designated Authorized Responsible Official (ARO) for research proposals to the sponsoring agency.

If you would prefer to print these instructions, they are available as a Word document.

Steps for applying for an external grant:

To maximize your chances for success, begin early and notify your assigned Pre-Award Grants & Contracts Officer III (G&C III) as soon as possible upon deciding to answer the call to a funding opportunity. You can notify your officer before you even begin work on your proposal. Setting an early discovery meeting with your officer at least two (2) to four (4) months before the due date can really make a difference to ensure you are being provided the best possible support.

  • Following an initial discovery meeting, your G&C III will assign your proposal to one of their pre-award team members (G&C II) or work on the proposal themselves. Your G&C III will inform you of who is assigned to your proposal and provide contact information. Your assigned G&C will work with you on building a routing package for signature and approval through the appropriate university channels. This includes assisting you with creating the internal proposal approval form, your budget (including any cost share and F&A waiver forms if applicable), your budget justification and any other materials that will need to be approved by the central Office of Sponsored Proposals and Awards (OSPA). The assigned G&C II will also assist you with obtaining the necessary signatures on any required forms. At a minimum your routing package must include the following:
    • Proposal Approval Form (signatures required from PI, Chair and Associate Dean)
    • Internal GSU Budget Spreadsheet (required for all proposals, even if the sponsor has a separate format
    • Budget Justification
    • Project Summary/Abstract
  • If your proposal includes a sub-award you will need to provide contact information for the sub-awardee to your G&C II. He/she will contact the sub-awardee to start the process of obtaining the necessary sub-award documents and signatures. Please keep in mind that proposals with sub-awards require a significant amount of additional time to coordinate with your sub-awardee and receive the necessary finalized documents.
  • All investigators must complete an online Significant Financial Interest Form. Your G&C II will remind you to complete this form and provide you with directions when needed.
  • If you are submitting a federal proposal, your G&C II will create a grants.gov application for you in GSU’s online submission software program, Cayuse424. All PIs on the proposal and your G&C III will be granted permission to the application for editing and reviewing. PLEASE NOTE: CAYUSE424 will not have ALL funding opportunity grant applications. If an application is available through Cayuse24, however, we are required to use it. If your application is not applicable to Cayuse, your G&C II will assist you with the sponsor’s online submission process when needed, i.e. FastLane, ProposalCentral, [email protected], etc.
  • If questions or concerns arise during the initial preparation of the routing package or application your G&C III will intervene as necessary and resolve any issues.

Please note that letters of intent do not have to be routed unless authorized approval is specifically required for the LOI (i.e. NASA Step 1 Proposals) OR if you are committing to voluntary cost share or a voluntary reduced F&A rate in the LOI.

  • Your routing package should be finalized with your assigned G&C. Your G&C will obtain your department chair’s signature and alert them to any cost share, waived IDC or other important issues. He/she will submit the signed and finalized routing package to your G&C III for review. Your G&C III will review the routing materials against the solicitation and ensure your budget and other documents conform to both the sponsor’s and the university’s policies. Once reviewed and approved, your G&C III will obtain signature from the Associate Dean of Research. PLEASE NOTE: The dean’s office will not sign off on any proposals if they do not come from the G&C III. Please do not forward your proposal to the dean’s office for approval yourself.
  • Your G&C III will scan and route your proposal to the Office of Sponsored Proposals and Awards (OSPA) via email with a copy to you as notification. OSPA will assign a tracking number to your proposal in the form of CON00XXXX. You will also be notified of the OSPA officer assigned to your proposal.
  • Your G&C will continue to assist you with the full application process according to sponsor guidelines as the final submission deadline approaches. You will be contacted with any questions or comments.

  • Please have your final application completed and ready to be reviewed and submitted by OSPA at least 5 full business days in advance of the deadline. If it is a Cayuse application please work with your G&C to finalize the electronic application and they will inform your assigned OSPA contact that the application is ready for submission when it is ready. If a proposal is to be submitted by the PI to an online system that does not need authorized sign off and approval, please submit via email your final full electronic proposal packet to your assigned OSPA Officer with a copy to your college G&C officers. Your OSPA Officer will perform a final review with special attention given to guideline adherence and institutional commitments. You will be contacted in regards to any questions or needed adjustments.
  • The final proposal will be approved/signed by the designated OSPA Authorizing Responsible Official (ARO) and either submitted to the sponsor or returned to you and your college officers for final submission as determined by the sponsor. If applicable, your OSPA officer will forward you grants.gov/FastLane submission confirmation emails.