Graduate Assistants

College of Arts & Sciences Requirements

The College requires that all Graduate Assistants who are Arts & Sciences majors have a total annual stipend of at least $12,000 (doctoral) OR $5,000 (Masters) and register for the following hours in order to qualify for a full waiver:

  • Fall and Spring: 18 credit hours. In exceptional circumstances, and with the prior approval of the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Masters level students may register for as few as 12 credit hours.
  • May and summer combined: 12 credit hours preferably but not fewer than 9 credit hours.
  • NOTE: Graduate Assistants who are not Arts & Science majors can adhere to the University’s stipend and credit hour guidelines.

Graduate Assistant Status

Graduate Assistants cannot be employed in any other job category during their assistantship. Graduate Assistants may not be engaged in work that is primarily or materially clerical, service/maintenance, trades/skilled crafts, or technical/paraprofessional. If previously hired as a Student Assistant or a temporary employee, the hiring department is responsible for coordinating the submission of the terminating PAFs that would allow University HR to terminate the previously held position.


The following maxima are set by the Graduate Assistant Policy:

  • Monthly Stipend: $3,000 from all employment sources.
  • Total Appointments: 2.5 OR .50 FTE (keep in mind that 1 appointment is the equivalent of 8 hours work per week).
  • If a Graduate Assistant works for another A&S department or College within the University, the hiring department must request written approval from the Chair/Dean of current home department or College to hire the candidate. The number of hours the Graduate Assistant is working in the other department must be indicated on the pay authorization (PF2A) form.

Appointment Categories

GLA/GRA: First-time graduate lab and research assistant appointees and rehired GLAs/GRAs must report to University HR, 1 Park Place to complete a new hire packet.


  • First-time Graduate Teaching Assistant, Level B appointees who are Masters level students must have completed at least 18 graduate hours prior to the GTAB appointment.
  • Hire/upgrade documents for the Graduate Teaching Assistant, Level B are to be forwarded to Administrative Services for processing.

Required Graduate Assistant Hire Forms

New and rehire GLAs and GRAs should report to University HR, One Park Place, 3rd Floor, to complete and submit a hire packet. *A GLA or GRA is considered a rehire if he or she has not worked for at least two semesters.

Electronic hire forms for newly appointed GTABs and status changes (GLA/GRA to GTAB) can be obtained from Ann Pavlik in Administrative Services. Completed forms should be electronically submitted to Ann Pavlik for processing.