Part-Time Instructors

Arts & Sciences PTI Appointment Criteria

  1. An Employee Compensation Agreement must be submitted for candidate who works with another USG institution or for a State of Georgia agency. The required approvals must be obtained prior to the start of the semester.
  2. If the candidate works for another A&S department or College of the University, the hiring department must request written approval from the Chair/Dean of the current home department/College to hire.
  3. Prior written approval from the Dean and the Provost is required if the pay per course fee exceeds $3,500.

Teaching Load

Per the Part-time Instructor Handbook, the teaching load for PTIs is limited to two classes per semester.  Exceptions to this must have the Dean’s written approval.

BOR Requirements

In instances where the proposed hire (a) does not possess a Masters degree OR (b) has a Masters degree but whose teaching assignment is outside the scope of his/her degree, the department must prepare and attach a Board of Regents Exception Statement to the completed hire packet before submission to Administrative Services.

Required Hire Forms

  • PTI hire packets can be obtained electronically from Ann Pavlik in Administrative Services.
  • Completed PTI hire packets should be submitted to Ann Pavlik for processing.

  • Who should complete a hire packet?
    • New PTI appointments
    • Re-hires (individuals who have not worked for at least two semesters)
    • Status change (i.e., from GA to PTI, from PTI to GA)
  • Proof of identity and proof of employment eligibility status, for U.S. Citizens and internationals.