Individual Awards

Individual Awards are awards where the individual faculty member is the applicant submitting directly to the sponsoring agency (e.g. Fulbright, NEA and NEH fellowships).

If you would prefer to print these instructions, they are available as a Word document.

Steps for applying for an individual award:

To maximize your chances for success, begin early and notify your assigned Pre-Award Grants & Contracts Officer III (G&C III) as soon as possible upon deciding to answer the call to a funding opportunity. You can notify your officer before you even begin work on your proposal. Setting an early discovery meeting with your officer at least one (1) to two (2) months before the due date can really make a difference to ensure you are being provided the best possible support.

  • Discuss your individual award application with your department chair. If the award requires a leave of absence and/or partial pay, this will need to be approved by your department chair.
  • Complete the individual award routing form and send it to your G&C III for review. Your G&C can assist you with getting your department chair’s approval.
  • Inform your G&C III if you need assistance with individual award forms such as a budget, justification, etc. Your G&C III will assign your individual proposal to one of their G&C II team members to assist you or work on your individual proposal themselves. The required documents for an individual routing package are:

  • Your routing package should be finalized with your assigned G&C who will send the completed package to your assigned G&C III. Your G&C III will review the routing materials against the solicitation and ensure your budget and other documents conform to both the sponsor’s and the university’s policies. Once reviewed and approved, your G&C III will obtain signature from the Associate Dean of Research. PLEASE NOTE: The dean’s office will not sign off on any proposals if they do not come from the G&C III. Please do not forward your proposal to the dean’s office for approval yourself.
  • Your G&C III will scan the approved documents back to you.
  • Both your G&C III and G&C II will continue to assist you with the full application process according to sponsor guidelines as the final submission deadline approaches if needed. You will be contacted with any questions or comments.

If you are applying for a proposal that, if awarded, will entail you taking a professional leave or a leave of absence, please let your G&C III know at the time of application so that your G&C III can put you in contact with the appropriate human resources representatives.