Social Media

Social Media

The College of Arts and Sciences is active on social media, as are many of its departments. We are happy to share your announcements over our social media channels, and to help your department or unit set up and maintain social channels that work well for you.

Our social media channels:

The college maintains accounts in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our handle in all three platforms is GSUArtSci. If you would like for us to share a particular announcement or story through our social media platforms, send your request to Tiffany Carter, our PR Specialist.

Social media recommendations:

The university has very good social media guidelines and a social media toolbox to help units get started and to update their social media presence.


If you have social media questions, or you’d like help starting a new account and tying it to the existing university social media ecosystem, contact Tiffany Carter by e-mail or at 404-413-5155.