Website Support

Web Design

The PR Office is the primary contact for Arts and Sciences departments and units who wish to start a new website, or update or troubleshoot an old one.

WordPress documentation:

The university maintains a searchable online help tool for WordPress and its various features.


If you have trouble updating your website, or if some feature of your site is malfunctioning, please contact James Mitchell, our college web designer.

Website Review

The PR office reviews each department website about every eighteen months. The chair and web editor will be notified when it is their department’s turn for review.

The review is in no way punitive, but is designed to identify any problems that may have crept into the site and help fix them. If a department has questions or projects of its own, the review is a great time to discuss them with the college web team.

New Websites

If you need to build a brand-new website (most likely for a brand-new program), this is the process:

  • Contact Ann Claycombe to request your new website, and include the URL you’d ideally like to have. All new URLs will be in the format
  • Create a site map. Basically, map out what you’d like your mega-menu to look like. If you’re not sure what a mega-menu is, go to our college home page and hover over “About” or any of the words at the top of the page. The big menu that slides down from those words is the mega-menu.
  • Our office will ask the university to construct the skeleton site from your site map. Once that’s done, we’ll turn it over to you, and you can start building the pages. If you don’t have any WordPress training, please let us know and we’ll connect you to resources.
  • While you are building your site, our office is available for questions and troubleshooting. James Mitchell, the college web designer, handles technical questions. Ann Claycombe, director of communications, handles content questions.
  • Once the site is built, our office will construct a pre-launch review and give you a checklist of all problems that need to be solved before the site can go live.
  • After the checklist items are fixed, we’ll ask the university to launch the site. This typically takes three to five business days after we file the request.
  • NOTE: After you launch a site, it may take two or three weeks to show up on search engines. This is not a flaw in the site, but a natural outgrowth of how search engines function. Search engines measure traffic to a site, and a freshly-launched site has no traffic for them to measure. If the problem has not resolved after three weeks, however, let James Mitchell know and we will look into it.

Finding good images

Finding the right images for a website can be a challenge, especially since most images you find on the web are unavailable due to copyright. We’ve set out a list of image resources on our Video and Photo page.


For content questions or to request new websites, contact Ann Claycombe by e-mail or at 404-413-5047.

For technical questions, please contact James Mitchell by e-mail.