Strategic Planning 2017


The College of Arts and Sciences launched a comprehensive strategic planning process in January 2017, led by Dean Sara Rosen. The college’s previous plan expired at the end of AY 2016-17.

Throughout the planning process, the college will use this site as both a message and sounding board, posting important planning materials for members of the college to review and respond to. Once vetted and adopted by the full faculty, the approved strategic plan will guide the college for the next five years. It will be your plan. Your participation is critical to our success!

September 15, 2017 – October 19, 2017:

A full draft of the strategic plan is now posted for review and comment. We invite input broadly from members of the College of Arts and Sciences. Please use the comment form linked in the menu to the left to share your feedback. The Dean’s Office will review and consider all comments and suggestions as it finalizes the draft document that will be presented for a vote by the full faculty in November.